Smash Cast Hits Prime Time And Twitter Time

AndyMeintusmotherscookies“These are the cookies my mom is serving at her #Smash party in Pittsburgh. She’s a diva, “Andy Mientus Tweeted before the premiere of  the second season of Smash. He was not the only theater person to live Tweet this backstage Broadway TV series — it’s now something of a tradition —  but he also happens to be in the show now.  He plays Kyle, one-half of a musical theater team with a character named Jimmy, played by Jeremy Jordan.
Here is a scene of the two of them in the show. They’re presumably walking in Brooklyn, where their characters live.

That both of them, and several of the other cast members, were Tweeting during the show seemed more than a coincidence– more like an orchestrated campaign. But so what. They were fun to read. Here’s one from Jeremy Jordan

From Megan Hilty

Another new cast member:

Even guest star Jennifer Hudson got into the act:

JenniferHudsonpicsSmash Andy Mientus was the most prolific. Here’s a sample from the Twitter feed of Andy Mientus:

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