Barbra Streisand Back in Brooklyn

5 minutes of the singer chatting and crooning at Barclays Center


The beginning of Stephen Holden’s New York Times review of the concert:

“Those words sung by Barbra Streisand from the “Sunset Boulevard” showstopper, “As If We Never Said Goodbye,” elicited a roar of welcome from the sold-out crowd at the 19,000-seat Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Thursday evening.

Ms. Streisand’s return to her roots for two concerts (the second on Oct. 13) was a sentimental homecoming and a royal act of noblesse oblige in which a show-business monarch regaled the adoring subjects of her native province in a concert that was steeped in Brooklyn lore. With lyrics revised to mention “Brooklyn docks and nova lox” and “knishes,” the song conveyed a message that was reiterated again and again: deep inside, I’m just a commoner like you. As she bonded with her flock, her Brooklyn accent seemed more pronounced than ever.

Ms. Streisand’s voice, at 70, is still singularly compelling, although not in prime condition….”

Author: New York Theater

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