Presidential Debate: New Yorker Cover; Big Bird on Saturday Night Live; “Theater” Used Dismissively

The opening skit of Saturday Night Live featured the first Presidential debate. In this version, President Obama is daydreaming, mostly his wedding anniversary, not paying attention to what Romney is saying. When the moderator Jim Lehrer says: “President Obama, Governor Romney just said he killed Osama bin-Laden. Would you care to respond?”, Obama responds: “No, you two go ahead.”

Later, Big Bird makes an appearance but mostly just makes puns (Tweets, rustling feathers) See if you like it better

Big Bird on Saturday Night Live

It is interesting to note that defenders of Obama’s debate performance are using “theater” dismissively. For example, Paul Krugman in his latest column:  “Yes, President Obama did a notably bad job of responding. But I’ll leave the theater criticism to others and talk instead about the issue that should be at the heart of this election.”)

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