Into The Woods First Preview: Attack on ‘Attack’ by Morgan James

The first preview of Into the Woods at the Delacorte Theater got a mixed response, none more controversial than a tweet by actress and singer Morgan James (Godspell, Wonderland, The Addams Family):

July 25, 2012

There were many more along the same lines (dozens more on theater message boards), although most stopped mentioning the actress by name. James defended herself but also deleted her Tweet from her Twitter timeline.

Soon, though, the attack on the attack was itself attacked.

In what I consider a deep irony, Howlround, the intellectual theater site, held an hour-long Twitter chat earlier in the day to address the question: Why aren’t more theater practitioners theater critics?
The subject had been introduced in an essay by director Sherri Kronfeld  and then addressed in a blog post entitled Doers vs. Watchers by Rob Weinert-Kendt of American Theatre Magazine
I think we might have at least a partial answer to Howlround’s question.

Morning update:

Richard Amelius(‏@RichardAmelius):
When Sondheim had an opinion re: Porgy & Bess’s trajectory he wasn’t shy about it. Artists are protective of what they love!


Evening update (24 hours later):

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