Coming to Broadway: Angels in America, Mean Girls, To Kill A Mockingbird. Week in NY Theater


This is a time of natural disasters, which dwarf everything else, including the steady assault of man-made disasters (even major anniversaries), if only for the moment. Of course, people are debating how much of the natural disasters ARE man-made.

Kristen Bell sings from Frozen to a group shelter full of evacuees from Hurricane Irma

1984 2 Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes

In Dramatizing Dystopia, I list how much popular literature of oppressive societies has been adapted for the stage – not just 1984, currently on Broadway, but The Handmaid’s Tale, Brave New World, A Clockwork Orange, and more – and wonder why this trend exists. The easy and most common answer is that it’s a response to American political events. One commenter perhaps unintentionally raised a provocative thought: Are more and more people viewing stories like 1984 as an increasingly plausible reality, the fear and threat of such an outcome causing more of us to embrace us-versus-them extremism and eschew nuance?

A Clockwork Orange at New World Stages 1

A production of “A Clockwork Orange” is opening this month Off-Broadway, one of the several September New York theater openings that feature sex and violence — also sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Angels in America is coming back on Broadway, with Andrew Garfield, and Nathan Lane as Roy Cohn. It opens March 21 at Neil Simon Theater, a transfer from the UK’s National Theatre.
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