How Broadway Responded to #MeToo, #NeverAgain, The Past, in 2017-2018 Season

Some theatergoers objected to the changes in “My Fair Lady,” which made it more in line with the #MeToo era — Eliza more independent, and neither she nor Henry Higgins romantically inclined toward one another. Others objected that “Carousel” didn’t change enough — there’s still that abusive relationship between Billy and Julie

In my article in HowlRound, Broadway in a Year of Reckoning,
I look at these and six other shows that opened on Broadway during the 2017-2018 season, and how they adjusted (if at all) to our current age of reckoning, which goes beyond #MeToo, to gun violence (#NeverAgain) and racism (#BlackLivesMatter.) Indeed, we as a society are engaged in a reckoning with a range of stubbornly antiquated values that don’t (yet?) even have a #hashtag.

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Sexual Harassment in the Theater. Also: Lin-Manuel Miranda in Fatwa the Musical. Gyllenhaal sings to Sondheim. Armie Hammer, Reggie Jackson On Stage. Week in NY Theater

You are not alone. That was the message of  the Town Hall on sexual harassment in the theater that was held on Monday at the Public Theater, which included both comments from dozens of people from the theater community, and a list of resources (See below.) The convening occurred amid a growing accumulation of public accusations, the latest a well-known playwright and a casting agent.

Also this week in New York theater: Lin-Manuel Miranda performs in Fatwa the Musical (in Curb Your Enthusiasm),Armie Hammer to make his Broadway debut, Reggie Jackson joins a musical, the Broadway League escalates fight with casting agents, Marlee Matlin at the Broadway Accessibility Summit, the Boss extends, the Butterfly ends early;  November’s quiz, December’s openings. And Jake Gyllenhaal and Annaleigh Ashford record “Move On” while Stephen Sondheim reacts.

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