Jekyll and Hyde: A Tale of Two Views

Jekyll and Hyde: A Tale of Two Views

The critics hate it. The fans adore it.

  1. JEKYLL & HYDE: New Broadway TV Commerical
  2. Saw the musical Jekyll&Hyde yesterday, directed by my acting coach. OMG IT WAS AMAZING! Wanna go
  3. LOVED @JekyllMusical and managed to snuggle up to @ConstantineM for a photo afterwards!
  4. Saw @JekyllMusical tonight! @ConstantineM you were great! Thanks for making that music come to life so beautifully 🙂
  5. Last night a dream came true in opening my first Broadway show. Thanks to my @JekyllMusical family
    for this amazing experience.
  6. I love how everyone makes fun of JEKYLL & HYDE like they didn’t sing “This is the Moment” at their high school graduation.

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