Sandy Shutdown. November Broadway Openings. New York Theater Week, October 23-29, 2012

Broadway shows scheduled to open in November, 2012

The sun’ll come out

Tomorrow [or maybe Wednesday}

 Bet your bottom dollar

 That tomorrow [Thursday latest]

There’ll be sun!

Eight shows are opening on Broadway in the month of November (assuming that Hurricane Sandy doesn’t derail the schedule.) Vote for your favorite

Acting is merely the art of keeping a large number of people from coughing~ Sir Ralph Richardson

October 23

At TKTS ticket booths in Times Square, the South Street Seaport, and downtown Brooklyn,  you now can buy matinee and evening tickets at same time, and there is now a full-price ticket booth for those shows that don’t offer discounts.


It’s official: Nathan Lane to star in Douglas Carter Beane’s play “The Nance,” about a gay man in the 1930s. It is scheduled to open April 15 at the Lyceum

The Nance will be Nathan Lane’s 19th show on Bway. He was last in The Addams Family. (Currently he’s on TV, in The Good Wife)

A Broadway adaptation of “Rear Window,” story by Cornell Woolrich made into a Hitchcock movie, is now in the works.

Terry Teachout (@terryteachout) Let’s make it a musical! Titles, anyone? How about “I See Something and It Looks Like You”

David Loehr (@dloehr): “Nowhere to Roll”

Karen Wilson (@akakarenwilson): Break a Leg!

My review of House for Sale

Within the first minutes of the Transport Group Theatre Company’s “House for Sale,” billed as the first work by Jonathan Franzen (FreedomThe Corrections) to be adapted for the stage, I suddenly remembered an unhappy experience I hadn’t thought of for years. As the temporary host of a WBAI radio program, I had asked one of my guests, the editor of  an anthology of “transgressive” writing, whether during the broadcast she would read a passage that I had found especially funny from the collection. She gave me a look that seemed to say “Why this story?” But she readily agreed, and I figured I had misread her expression. During the show, however, she read the selection very slowly, word by painful word, as if she had just come from the dentist, guaranteeing that not a single listener anywhere in the tri-state area could possibly find anything remotely amusing in these zombie paragraphs.

Full review of House for Sale


John Logan (Red), writing solo show about Hollywood super-agent Sue Mengers, who died last year, wants Bette Midler to star. Last on Broadway in 1979 as a performer (she did produce Priscilla), Midler reportedly is looking to return.


My (much-needed) update of the Broadway season. Just a list of the shows and when they’re opening 

Checkers, with Anthony LaPaglia as Richard Nixon, doesn’t even open at Vineyard Theater until October 31, but has been extended to December 2

Page to Stage: My take on recent adaptations of works by Jonathan Franzen, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Rona Jaffe 

Three shows I saw within a week or so of one another adapted literary works by well-known authors to the stage for the first time: Jonathan Franzen, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Rona Jaffe. It came as an ugly surprise how bad one of them was, and a revelation which was the best.

Edward Albee et al pay tribute to Jerry Tallmer, critic, founder of the Obies, still reviewing at age 92.


Do  Edward Albee,Bruce Norris, and the estates of Arthur Miller and Samuel Beckett all crack down too much on productions that deviate from their texts? Terry Teachout considers. 

Tale of 2 shows by Jeremy Gerard: Glengarry Glen Ross, top ticket price $377. Disgraced, only ticket price $20 


Latest (ironic!) Tweet from The Broadway League (@TheBwayLeague): Celebrating her birthday today is “Three Days of Rain” star Julia Roberts!

Hurricane Sandy Forces Broadway, Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway Cancellations

Sunday matinees still on; all evening performances on Broadway tonight and tomorrow shut down.

Silence (@SILENCEmusical): Psst,if you have tickets to the cancelled 7pm performance today,you can exchange those tickets for today’s 3pm

Every Broadway show has been canceled tomorrow. Do you get paid anyway?

Jeremy Stolle (@JEremyStolle, actor in Phantom of the Opera): it is unknown. That has to do with insurance. However we tend to not complain when it is an act of god

Lena Horne Stormy Weather

Annie with Sandy (!) – Andrea McArdle sings Tomorrow. Also: NASA photograph of Hurricane Sandy from Space

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