#Stageworthy News: A Wonderful Week On Broadway. A Hate-Filled Week Off Stage.

This has been a wonderful week for theater – with openings for terrific Broadway shows The Ferryman, The Waverly Gallery, The Lifespan of a Fact. And not just on Broadway: The 21st New York Fringe festival featured such juicy fare as “James Franco and Me” (see reviews below.)

The world outside the theater has been filled with hate – first the mailing of pipe bombs to critics of Donald Trump, then the murder of 11 Jews worshipping in their synagogue in Pittsburgh called the Tree of Life.

But if the theater provides an escape from the ugliness, it also offers an alternative to it. Check out “Nazis and Me,” David Lawson’s solo show at Under St. Marks Theatre about his encounter with hate groups, and  “India Pale Ale,” a play byJaclyn Backhaus presented by MTC at City Center, which is inspired by a previous mass killing in a house of worship, the murder of six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in 2012.

“We are you and you are us,” the widow of the slain character says in the Off-Broadway play. “What has to change to allow you to love someone whose culture differs from yours? What has to change? What has to change? What has to change?”
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