Answers to November 2019 New York Theater Quiz

Q.1 True or false: While people had a choice between white meat or dark meat on Thanksgiving Day, all Broadway shows on Thanksgiving Day were dark (closed.)
✓ False


Q.2 Which straight play on Broadway produced a recording that has been nominated for the 62nd annual Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album?
A Christmas Carol
Choir Boy
✓Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
The Sound Inside


Q.3 Which of the five shows that opened on Broadway in November features a bombardment of snow that actually melts?
✓A Christmas Carol
The Illusionists
The Inheritance
Slava’s Snowshow
Tina The Tina Turner Musical


Q.4 “All New York’s a Stage,” a report issued in November by the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, focused on the cultural and economic impact of Off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway, which it referred to as “small theaters.” True or false. According to the report, more than half of the staff working for theaters with annual revenues of over one million dollars are volunteers.


Q.5 Which play that opened in November did not feature a gay or lesbian character on stage?
A Bright Room Called Day
Dr. Ride’s American Beach House
Fefu and Her Friends
History of Violence
The Inheritance
User Not Found
✓The Young Man From Atlanta


Q.6 The Drama Book Shop announced in November that it will reopen in March, 2020, on 39th Street, a block away from the old store. What is NOT true about the store?
✓It closed its doors in January, 2019 after more than a century at 40th Street.
The store won a Tony Award.
When it reopens, it will be the only theater bookstore left in New York
Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote part of the musical “In The Heights” in the store
All four of the new owners are connected to Hamilton, as is the designer of the new store.
The new store will serve coffee.


Q.7 As announced in November, Ephraim Sykes will star as Michael Jackson in “MJ,” the musical scheduled to begin on Broadway next summer. Sykes is currently performing his Tony-nominated role as David Ruffins of The Temptations in “Ain’t Too Proud.” True or false: Sykes has performed as a member of both The Temptations and the Jackson 5 in previous shows on Broadway.


Q.8 November marked the 60th anniversary of the opening of The Sound of Music on Broadway. True or false: In her recently published memoir “Home Work,” Julie Andrews, who played the lead role of Maria in the 1965 movie adaptation of the musical, said she thought the musical on Broadway was saccharine, and she didn’t want to play another nanny after “Mary Poppins.”


Q.9 Which title that debuted on Netflix in November did not previously play in a Broadway theater?
American Son
The Irishman
Mike Birbiglia: The New One
None did
✓They all did


Q.10 Critic John Simon died in November at the age of 94. He was known for his caustic critiques not just of shows and performances, but of performers, especially their physical appearance. Which of the following performers, about whom he made the following remarks, retaliated by dumping a plate of food on his head?
✓Sylvia Miles, whom he called in a review “one of New York’s leading party girls and gate-crashers
Liza Minnelli, whose face is “deserving of first prize in the beagle category. It is a face going off in three directions simultaneously: the nose always en route to becoming a trunk, blubber lips unable to resist the pull of gravity, and a chin trying its damnedest to withdraw into the neck.”
Barbra Streisand, whose nose, he wrote “cleaves the giant screen from east to west, bisects it from north to south. It zigzags across our horizon like a bolt of fleshy lightning”
Kathleen Turner, whom he called “a braying mantis”
Danielle Ferland, “who has a chubby, pug-nosed face and a high-pitched, faintly Dogpatchy voice, and outpouts a pouter pigeon.”
Kristin Chenoweth “cute as a button, but rather makes you wish for a zipper. “
Bernadette Peters “petite, cute, and cuddly, just an iota short (or long) of JonBenet Ramsey.”