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Update July 24: Ellen Burns has been selected in the random drawing for the free pair of tickets.
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Ticket Giveaway: Win two tickets to see “The Two-Character Play” by Tennessee Williams, starring Amanda Plummer (Agnes of God, The Hunger Games) and Brad Dourif (Lord of the Rings Trilogy) — two electric actors who (according to Ben Brantley in his review of the play in the New York Times) “don’t just strike sparks. They’re a raging conflagration that keeps changing form and direction.”

Two Character Play Photo 6- Photo Credit Carol RoseggIn “this late, demented work from one of America’s few genuinely great dramatists” (Brantley again) two actors on tour – brother and sister – find themselves deserted by their troupe and thus forced to put on their own impromptu performance. The production of “The Two-Character Play” is scheduled to run at New World Stages (340 West 50th Street) through September 1.

To enter the contest, answer this question:

Which is your favorite Tennessee Williams play, and why?

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You must also be able to attend one of the eligible performances. The voucher is good for two tickets for performances before September 1st. Some restrictions may apply.

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Two Character Play Photo 3- Photo Credit Carol Rosegg

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22 thoughts on “Tennessee Williams Two Character Play Ticket Giveaway Contest

  1. From @stageelf~ Favorite TW Play: The Glass Menagerie Why? credit is due almost solely to the A.R.T./John Tiffany production with Cherry Jones, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Brian J. Smith & Zachary Quinto~heartbreakingly gorgeous interpretation & so very human…

  2. “Orpheus Desending” I just love the characters…and their Liaison. Williams has a way of showing you that behind enen the best of appearances, everyone is hiding something.

  3. From @Bobster427 – It’s hard to pick ONE Williams play, there are 4 that I run to see: GLASS MENAGERIE (truly lyrical), STREETCAR (human clash of forces), SUMMER & SMOKE (a subtler version of STREETCAR with such pain) and THE ROSE TATTOO (perhaps his most romantic while showing Sicilian heart and humanity).

  4. A Streetcar Named Desire – love the human battles.

    @WillBozarth on Twitter

  5. Glass Menagerie! I like little figurines. And gentleman callers. And Celia Keenan-Bolger’s adorable face. —@normajeanesays

  6. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is one of my favorite of Williams’s plays. It has everything a great play should have, love, family, relationships, health, wealth, greed, life, death and plenty of conflict. @BetteH9

  7. FRom TCMNo.1 A Streetcare Named Desire because when Blanche says “She always depends upon the kindness of strangers- I agree. Meeting a stranger one should expect kindness but you don’t always get that. A stranger in a business deal could take advantage of you and stranger could take his own problems out on you and use you as a punching bag to alleviate his/her own problems

  8. I haven’t seen a Tennessee Williams play yet, but my favorite is a streetcar named desire! There are so many good lines in that show that many people can relate to! @kyledmorales

  9. I have yet to see a Tennessee Williams play onstage, but my favorite that I have read is Streetcar Named Desire. I read it in college and it just blew me away. The human relationships are painted in such a frighteningly honest light. I can’t wait to see Glass Menagerie on Broadway because I actually don’t know what it’s even about, so I will be experiencing it for the first time with what I hear is a BRILLIANT production.

  10. I love “Sweet Bird of Youth”–it’s flawed enough that, in a good production, you get the pleasure of seeing the cast and crew strain to “save” the show from its lurid excesses–what Cherry Jones has referred to as the “baby’s breath” in Williams’s writing. But despite its depraved beach blanket bingo visions of castration and stardom, at least it’s never boring. I wish playwrights today would listen to Williams’ mantra never to bore audiences–“even if you have to resort to arbitrary violence.”


  11. Give me “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” any day! Sure, it’s a 58-year-old classic, but it remains luminously relevant. Who HASN’T strained to seduce their gay husbands in order to cash in on an inheritance? Who hasn’t been in a relationship and thought to themselves, “We merely occupy the same cage”? Who HASN’T wanted to strangle their nephews? Maybe I’m projecting.


  12. @sapphire902 My favorite play by Tennessee Williams is A Streetcar Named Desire. I really feel for Blanche Dubois, the tragic (and possibly bipolar) heroine and her struggle to maintain her romantic illusions, only to crash and burn at the hands of her brutal and resentful brother-in-law.

  13. Joseph Mc Keon (@joeymckeon23) cat on a hot tin roof is my favorite because of its characters

  14. My fave TW play is Streetcar for very personal reasons. Blanche was the first lead role that my high school daughter (now a college theater major) had. In a dank NYC basement theater (replete with knocking heat, leaky overhead pipes and broken seats), I got to enjoy all the hard work that she and the other kids put into that production. @LauriLand

  15. Not About Nightingales is gorgeous, heart-breaking, and incredibly under-recognized. Before Williams created the more famous roles of Tom, Blanche, and Brick, he wrote this play in which he first explored what we think of as “classic Williams”: the poetic souls of weathered people.

  16. A Streetcar Named Desire. I love all the conflict in the play and Nicole Ari Parker was brilliant as Blanche in the most recent Broadway revival!


  17. The Glass Menagerie because I saw it when I was a kid, with Amanda Plummer as Laura! She was great in it, as was Jessica Lange as the mother. My Twitter name is @MimiJudith. Thanks!

  18. My favorite is a Streetcar Named Desire because it’s passionate and dramatic. @mymusicboxes

  19. I have to go with Streetcar. If only because it is how I first was exposed to his work @movidude74

  20. From @jerebles – Favorite TW Play: Without a question, “A Streetcar Named Desire.” It’s set in New Orleans, and since my family is from there, I grew up riding the streetcars and walking the streets and surrounded by the culture that is very much a part of that play. Plus, I have adored the Brando version since I can remember.

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