August 2015 Theater Openings on Broadway (Hamilton!), Off-Broadway, Off-Off Broadway


Hamilton-PlaybillHamilton is NOT the only show opening this month. There are new plays at the Signature by both Annie Baker, winner of last year’s Pulitzer Prize for The Flick, and the 84-year-old A.R. Gurney, experiencing a late-career resurgence. There are 200 shows at the Fringe festival, and another 63 at the lesser known Thespis festival. There are exciting FREE plays at the New Brooklyn Theatre, including one by Lynn Nottage.

But Hamilton is the only show opening on Broadway, and even people who rarely if ever go to the theater have been gushing over it since its debut at the Public Theater, where it swept nearly every Off-Broadway award.

Below is a selection of the shows opening in August, organized chronologically by opening date. Each title is linked to a relevant website.

Color key: Broadway: Red. Off Broadway: Purple or Blue. Off Off Broadway: Green.

August 2

Delirium’s Daughters (Triumvirate Artists at Theatre Row)

Four suitors, three daughters…what’s a father to do? A kind old gentleman believes his deceased wife has forbid their three daughters to marry, until one of the suitors plays a series of tricks that helps him deal with his loss and recover his sanity. A new take on Commedia Dell’Arte

August 3

What I Learned in Fallsburg (Stage 72 at the Triad)

Gary Waldman’s personal musical tribute to growing up in the Catskills

August 4

Crossing Verrazano (Hudson Guild)

Writer-director Anthony Fusco’s play tells the true story of a gay-bashing that took place in Greenwich Village in 2010.

This is one of 63 plays being presented as part of the Thespis Theater Festival.

August 5

Las Meninas (New Brooklyn Theatre)

A play by Pulitzer-winnig playwright Lynn Nottage that tells the story of “the love affair between Louis XIV’s wife Queen Marie-Therese and Nabo, her African servant as told through the imagination of their illegitimate daughter. This play is offered FOR FREE.

August 6

Hamilton (Richard Rodgers)

The story of Alexander Hamilton, told by Lin-Manuel Miranda (In The Heights) using a mix of rap, jazz, r&b, and even light opera. I saw this at the Public Theater, and loved it.

August 7

Rachel (New Brooklyn Theatre)

Written by Angelina Weld Grimké shortly after the debut of D.W. Griffith’s racist 1915 film The Birth of a Nation, it was one of the first plays to protest lynching and racial violence. This play is offered FOR FREE, and is presented in repertoire with Las Meninas.

August 11

John (Signature Theater)

Signature Theatre presents “John” A New Play by Annie Baker; Directed by Sam Gold Pictured: Georgia Engel as Mertis Katherine Graven, Christopher Abbott as Elias Schreiber-Hoffman & Lois Smith as Genevieve Marduk

Signature Theatre presents “John”
A New Play by Annie Baker; Directed by Sam Gold
Pictured: Georgia Engel as Mertis Katherine Graven, Christopher Abbott as Elias Schreiber-Hoffman & Lois Smith as Genevieve Marduk

A play by Annie Baker (Pulitzer winner for The Flick), starring an impressive cast including Georgia Engel (from the Mary Tyler Moore Show), Christopher Abbott (who left Girls),Hong Chau (Treme) and Lois Smith (The Trip to Bountiful, Rebel Without A Cause, etc), and directed by long-time Baker collaborator Sam Gold. “The week after Thanksgiving. A Bed & Breakfast in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A cheerful innkeeper. A young couple struggling to stay together. Thousands of inanimate objects, watching. “

August 14


The New York International Fringe Festival, which begins today and runs through August 30th, offers almost 200 different shows.

August 18

Informed Consent (Primary Stages at The Duke on 42nd St)

A play by Deborah Zoe Laufer “about one woman’s quest to answer the mysteries of science and her own life, inspired by a landmark court case between one of the country’s largest universities and a Native American tribe based in the Grand Canyon.”  The suit was against Arizona State University for doing unauthorized research on blood drawn from members of the Havasupai tribe

August 19

MercuryFurscriptcoerMercury Fur (New Group at Signature)

“In a society ravaged by warring gangs and a hallucinogenic-drug epidemic, Elliot and Darren, under the sway of the ruthless Spinx, throw parties for rich clients in abandoned apartment buildings – parties that help guests act out their darkest, most sinister fantasies.”

August 24

Love and Money (Signature)

AR Gurney By Gregory CostanzoA.R. Gurney, 84, has written close to 50 plays. He is best-known for “The Dinner Party,” but he is experiencing a career resurgence, which includes last fall’s Broadway revival of Love Letters, and this fall’s Broadway debut of Sylvia, as well as an entire season devoted to him at the Signature. Love and Money is a new play written as part of his residency year at Signature. “Determined to donate almost everything she owns before her life of grace and privilege ends, wealthy widow Cornelia Cunningham’s plan hits a snag when an ambitious and ingratiating young man arrives to claim his alleged inheritance.”

August 27

A Delicate Ship (Playwrights Realm at The Peter J Sharpe Theater)

A Delicate Shipcast

From the company, Playwrights Realm, that produced one of my favorite shows from last year, My Manana Comes, comes this play by Anna Ziegler. “It’s Christmas Eve, and Sarah and Sam are celebrating like New Yorkers: flirting over wine and debating the nature of existential suffering. Then there is a knock on the door, and Sarah’s childhood friend Nate stands at the threshold. And suddenly suffering becomes a whole lot less sexy.”

Whorl Inside a Loop (Second Stage)


Co-written and co-performed by Sherie Rene Scott (Everyday Rapture) A well-regarded actress agrees to teach six inmates how to tell their stories behind the bars of a men’s maximum security prison. Sharing intimate and sometimes hilarious details of their former lives, this unlikely group forms a bond — even as the actress’s life outside spins out of control.”

Watch: Changing My Major, Fun Home Lesbian Love Song, on Late Night With Seth Meyers


Late Night with Seth Meyers featured the six minute scene and song from Fun Home, when Medium Alison (Emily Skeggs), a freshman college student, kisses a classmate, Joan (Roberta Colindrez), and then later, while Joan sleeps on Alison’s bed, breaks into song. (Lyrics below)

What happened last night? Are you really here?
Joan Joan Joan Joan Joan
Hi Joan Don’t wake up, Joan Oh my god last night
Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god last night I got so excited
I was too enthusiastic
Thank you for not laughing
Well you laughed a little bit
at one point when I was touching you and said I might lose consciousness which you said was adorable
and I just have to trust
that you don’t think I am an idiot or some kind of an animal
I never lost control
due to overwhelming lust
But I must say that I’m
Changing my major to Joan
I’m changing my major to sex with Joan I’m changing my major to sex with Joan with a minor in kissing Joan
Foreign study to Joan’s inner thighs A seminar on Joan’s ass in her Levis And Joan’s crazy brown eyes
Joan, I feel like Hercules
Oh god that sounds ridiculous Just keep on sleeping through this and I’ll work on calming down
so by the time you’ve woken up I’ll be cool I’ll be collected and I’ll have found some dignity but who needs dignity?
‘cause this is so much better
I’m radiating happiness
Will you stay here with me
for the rest of the semester?
We won’t need any food
We’ll live on sex alone
Sex with Joan!
I am writing a thesis on Joan!
It’s a cutting edge field and my mind is blown I will gladly stay up ev’ry night to hone
My compulsory skills with Joan
I will study my way down her spine Familiarize myself with her well-made outline While she researches mine!
I don’t know who I am
I’ve become someone new
Nothing I just did
is anything I would do
Overnight everything changed, I am not prepared I’m dizzy I’m nauseous I’m shaky I’m scared
Am I falling into nothingness
or flying into something so sublime? I don’t know!
But I’m
Changing my major to Joan
I thought all my life I’d be all alone But that was before I was lying prone
in this dorm room bed with Joan
Look, she drooled on the pillow–so sweet All sweaty and tangled-up in my bed sheet And my heart feels…
Let’s never leave this room
How’ bout we stay here ‘til finals
I’ll go to school forever
I’ll take out a dementedly huge high-interest loan ‘Cause I’m changing
my major

Taye Diggs begins in Hedwig and the Angry Inch


Taye Diggs returned tonight to a New York stage after a ten-year absence to star as the title character in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” the Tony winning best musical revival. The sixth Hedwig since the revival opened in April, 2014, Diggs is scheduled to perform the demanding role through October 11, 2015.

This is Diggs’ fifth Broadway production. He made his Broadway debut in 1994 at age 23 in Carousel, then made a splash in the original cast of Rent, followed by turns in Chicago and Wicked.

Diggs has become a familiar face on screen. TV: “Murder in the First” and “Private Practice.” Film:​ The Best Man, Rent,Chicago, Brown Sugar,​ and How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

But he’s yearned to play Hedwig for a long time, he’s told interviewers.  “I want a chance to show everybody everything. I can dance and I can sing, and everybody knows I can act…But I didn’t think it would ever happen. I assumed that nobody would ever have the open-mindedness to cast this character black.”

 “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”began on Broadway with Neil Patrick Harris in the role, followed by Andrew Rannells, Michael C. Hall, John Cameron Mitchell (who co-wrote the musical with Stephen Trask), and Darren Criss.

Click on any photograph to see it enlarged.

Amazing Grace on Broadway

To see President Obama break into “Amazing Grace” at the June funeral for Rev. Clementa Pinckney was to witness the continuing force of a hymn written more than two and a half centuries ago. This would lead us to expect a show entitled Amazing Grace about its songwriter John Newton to move us emotionally and spiritually.

Amazing Grace, which has opened  at Broadway’s Nederlander Theater, tells the story of John Newton, an 18th century English slave trader who underwent a religious conversion and became a popular preacher, writer, and (eventually) an influential abolitionist. It is an amazing story, but it is told on stage mostly in less than an amazing way. The new musical combines a coming-of-age tale, love story, slave narrative, costume drama, and Saturday morning adventure serial. It tries to do many things at once, in other words, in what winds up being the theatrical equivalent of an unstable alloy.

See my complete review at DC Theatre Scene.

Click on any photograph to see it enlarged.

Watch: Matt Shingledecker on Spring Awakening, West Side Story, Rent and Wicked

Instead of looking back at my life in years since I graduated from college, I look at them in terms of those four shows,” Matt Shingledecker says in the video below, recorded after he performed at the Broadway in Bryant Park lunchtime concert, in the role he currently plays on Broadway, Fiyero in Wicked.

Below,Shingledecker and Caroline Bowman as Elphaba sing “As Long As You’re Mine” from Wicked:

July 2015 Theater Openings Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off Broadway

It’s hard to come up with a comprehensive list for July — not because there is so little to see, but so much — summer theater festivals, FREE theatrical concerts like the weekly Broadway in Bryant Park, and countless Shakespeares in the parks.

There are also plays and musicals just like you’d see the rest of the year.

Below is a list, organized chronologically by opening date in July, of a selection of Broadway, Off-Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, with descriptions. Each title is linked to a relevant website.
Nothing, of course, is guaranteed about any of these shows, even those that seem the most promising. (This is why I write reviews.) There are always surprises.
Color key: Broadway: Red. Off Broadway: Purple. Off Off Broadway: Green.

July 3

Araberlin (Horizon Theatre Rep at 4th Street Theater)

The U.S. Premiere of a play about identity by Tunisian  Jalila BaccarWhen Mokhtar, an architecture student, disappears without a trace, his family and friends discover that he is suspected of belonging to a terrorist organization.

July 7

Penn and Teller (Marquis)

The duo returns for six weeks with their familiar mix of magic and comedy.

July 8

Skippyjon Jones Snow What & the 7 Chihuahuas (Theatreworks USA at Lucille Lortel Theatre)

Adapted from the children’s book by Judy Schachner, this new FREE musical marks the 27th anniversary of free summer children’s theater from Theatreworks USA.

July 9

The Weir (Irish Rep @ DR2)

A revival of the well-received play by Conor McPherson: “In a remote country pub in Ireland, newcomer Valerie arrives and becomes spellbound by an evening of ghostly stories told by the local bachelors who drink there… Then Valerie reveals a startling story of her own.”

Sayonara (Pan Asian Repertory at Theatre Row)

Tisa Chang directs this re-imagining of a musical (adapted from a novel by James Michener) of US military in post-WWII Japan

July 12

Bad Kid (Axis Theatre)

David Crabb’s funny and moving one-man show tells his story, that of a Goth boy who dreamed of being anywhere but the middle of Texas in 1991.

July 13

Ruthless (St. Luke’s)

A revival of the “campy cult favorite” about a performer with killer ambition, who is eight years old. Spoofing shows like Gypsy and movies like All About Eve, the musical boasts such alumna as  Britney Spears and Natalie Portman.

July 15

Scenes from an Execution (Potomac Theater Project at Atlantic Stage 2)

David Barlow (Carpeta) Jan Maxwell (Galactia) in SCENES FROM AN EXECUTION-p

In what she says is her last role in the theater, Jan Maxwell portrays Galactia in a revival of Howard Barker’s play about the 15th century Venetian painter who is “commissioned by the State of Venice to portray the Battle of Lepanto, a naval battle described as “the greatest triumph of Venetian history.” However, her 1,000 square feet of canvas contains quite a different interpretation. Thus the battle over truth, freedom and responsibility is engaged.”

July 16

Amazing Grace (Nederlander Theatre)

A new musical starring Josh Young and Chuck Cooper about the creation of the spiritual song ‘Amazing Grace’ by John Newton, the son of a slave trader.

July 18

I Know What Boys Want (Theatre Row- Lion)

A prep school girl discovers that this week’s Internet sensation is a video of her having sex.

July 20

Mrs. Smith’s Broadway Cat-tacular! (47th Street Theater)

Mrs. Smith is a woman on the verge of a cat-based breakdown — in search of her missing cat, Carlyle. “Featuring classic Broadway hits like “Cabaret,” “One Night in Bangkok,” “The Cat That Got Away” and many more, this cat-tacular is a deftly executed character comedy with tap dancing, puppetry, video flashbacks, and virtuosic electric guitar.”

July 22

Threesome (59E59)

Leila and Rashid, Egyptian Americans with ties to Cairo, attempt to solve their relationship issues by inviting a relative stranger into their bedroom to engage in a threesome. What begins as a hilariously awkward evening soon becomes an experience fraught with secrets

July 23


Colin Quinn The New York Story (Cherry Lane Theater)

“Colin bemoans the rise and fall of his hometown, the city formally known as NY, from its modest beginnings as Dutch outpost to the hipsters of modern Williamsburg to the vermin below and above ground” Directed by Jerry Seinfeld.

July 26

Happy 50ish Musical (Theatre Row – Beckett)

“Baby boomer Bob is facing the big five-o with fear, beer and a letter from the AARP.”

July 27

The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey (Westside Theatre)


James Lecesne portrays every character in a small Jersey shore town as they unravel the story of Leonard Pelkey, a tenaciously optimistic and flamboyant 14 year old boy

King Liz (Second Stage Uptown)


“Sports agent Liz Rico has money and an elite client roster but a woman in a man’s industry has to fight to stay on top…Enter Freddie Luna, a high school basketball superstar with a troubled past.”

July 30

The Dreamer Examines His Pillow (The Attic at The Flea)

A revival of John Patrick Shanley’s play about the often bizarre byways that love between men and women can follow, told in three related scenes

Watch On Your Feet Take Shape: Director Jerry Mitchell on HIs Latest Broadway Musical [Sponsored]

Carlos E. Gonzalez and Ana Villafa in a scene from On Your Feet.

Carlos E. Gonzalez and Ana Villafane in a scene from On Your Feet.

Tony winning director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell reflects on bringing On Your Feet, the Estefan story, to Broadway.

This is the fourth in a series of 12 videos that offer a behind-the-scenes look at the new musical, which will begin performances at Broadway’s Marquis Theater on October 5, 2015, and open November 5.

The first three:

 Episode 1: Emilio and Gloria Estefan reflect on their story of love and international success.

Episode 2: Writing the Show: Book writer Alexander Dinelaris, who won an Academy Award for Birdman.

Episode 3:  Casting the Story: Auditions for the cast of 30.

Gloria Estefan has sold more than 100 million records. Emilio and Gloria Estefan together have won 26 Grammy Awards. But their music is just half the story.

On Your Feet will feature such Estefan hits as “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You,” “Conga,” “Get on Your Feet,” “Don’t Want to Lose You,” “1-2-3,” and “Coming Out of the Dark.” Jerry Mitchell (Kinky Boots) directs the cast of 30, including Josh Segarra as Emilio and Ana Villafane making her Broadway debut as Gloria,  with choreography by Sergio Trujillo (Jersey Boys) and an original book by Alexander Dinelaris (Birdman)


Watch Jennifer Hudson Sing from The Color Purple: “Too Beautiful for Words”

Jennifer Hudson makes her Broadway debut as Shug Avery in the revival of The Color Purple, which is scheduled to open at the Bernard B. Jacobs on December 10.

The production originated at London’s Menier Chocolate Factory,and is directed and designed by John Doyle (who most recently directed The Visit.)  It also stars Cynthia Erivo and Danielle Brooks (Tasty in Orange is The New Black.)

Broadway Fall 2015 Preview Guide

The Fall season on Broadway has begun unusually early this year – – so early it’s hard to call the new season “Fall 2015.” with the opening in May of An Act of God, and planned July and August openings.

So this guide is earlier than usual – and thus even more tentative. This WILL change – definitely some additions, probably some subtractions or at least alterations. What’s promised is a star-heavy season: The Broadway debuts of movie stars Bruce Willis, Clive Owen and Keira Knightley and TV star George Takei! The return of Al Pacino, Audra McDonald, Lea Salonga and Nina Ariana!  The pairing of James Earl Jones and Cicely Tyson! There are also new musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gloria Estefan, and  George C. Wolfe. WillisKnightlyTakei   But let’s face it: The big excitement at the moment is for the Broadway transfer of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. Hamilton7 Listed below, chronologically by opening dates, are the shows officially scheduled so far on Broadway in the Fall 2015-2016 season, May 2015 through January 2016, with basic information and sometimes my two cents. Both the schedule and my opinions will be revised and updated as the season progresses. (Click for a rundown on long-running Broadway shows)

An Act of God

anactofgodlogoTheater: Studio 54
Playwright: David Javerbaum
Director:  Joe Montello
Opened: May 28
Closing: August 2, 2015
Cast: Jim Parsons Christopher Fitzgerald Tim Kazurinsky
God in the person of The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons has rewritten the Ten Commandments in a joke-filled comedy begat by the author of the Twitter feed @TweetofGod.
Twitter feed: @ActofGodBway

Penn and Teller

pennandtellerlogoMarquis Theater
First preview: July 7
Opening: July 12
Closing: August 16. 2015
Cast: Penn Jillette,Teller
The duo returns with their familiar mix of magic and comedy. @pennjillett and @MrTeller

Amazing Grace

amazinggrace logoNederlander Theatre
Authors: Christopher Smith and Arthur Giron
First preview: June 25
Opens: July 16
Director: Gabriel Barre
Cast: Josh Young, Erin Mackey, Chuck Cooper, Chris Hoch, Tom Hewitt, Stanley Bahorek , Harriett D. Foy, Laiona Michelle , Rachael Ferrera, Elizabeth Ward Land

A new musical about the creation of the spiritual song ‘Amazing Grace’ by John Newton, the son of a slave trader. Twitter feed: @agmusical


hamiltonlogoRichard Rodgers Theater
Author: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Director: Thomas Kail
First preview: July 13
Opens: August 6
Cast: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Carleigh Bettiol, Ariana DeBose, Daveed Diggs, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Sydney James Harcourt, Sasha Hutchings, Christopher Jackson, Thayne Jasperson, Stephanie Klemons, Anthony Ramos, Leslie Odom Jr., Jon Rua, Phillipa Soo, Seth Stewart, Betsy Struxness, Ephraim Sykes, Voltaire Wade-Greene
The groundbreaking hip-hop opera about the life and times of the Founding Father on the ten dollar bill transfers to Broadway amid much huzzahs, including by me.
Twitter feed: @HamiltonMusical

Deaf West’s Spring Awakening

SpringAwakeninglogoBrooks Atkinson
Authors: Book and lyrics by Stephen Sater, music by Duncan Sheik
Director: Michael Arden
First preview: September 8
Opens: September 27
Closes: January 9, 2016
Cast: TBA
An 18-week run of this revival of the 2006 Broadway musical, based on Frank Wedekind’s 19th century German play about the coming-of-age, and coming-to-rebellion, of a dozen young people. This production, originally mounted in Los Angeles, is in English and American Sign Language
Twitter feed: @SA_Musical

Old Times

oldtimesnotlogoAmerican Airlines Theater

Playwright: Harold Pinter

Director: Douglas Hodge

First preview: September 17

Opens: October 6

Closing: Nov 29 2015

Cast: Clive Owen, Eve Best, Kelly Reilly

Owen makes his Broadway debut in this Roundabout revival of Pinter’s 1971 dark comedy about a friendly visit from Deeley’s wife’s friend Anna that turns into a battle for power

Fool For Love

FoolforLovenotquitelogoSamuel J. Friedman Theater

Playwright: Sam Shepard

Director: Daniel Aukin

First preview: September 15

Opens: October 8

Closing: TBA

Cast: Nina Arianda, Sam Rockwell

Nina Arianda and Sam Rockwell star in Manhattan Theatre Club’s revival of Sam Shepard’s 1983 play about a brother and sister who share an unrequited love.

The Gin Game

james-earl-jones-cicely-tyson in Gin GameJohn Golden Theater

Playwright: D.L. Coburn

Director: Leonard Foglia

First preview: September 21

Opens: October 13

Closing: TBA

Cast: Cicely Tyson, James Earl Jones

Cicely Tyson and James Earl Jones team up for the revival of this Pulitzer-winning play about a man and a woman in a nursing home who turn a game of gin rummy into a battleground.

Dames at Sea

DamesatSealogoHelen Hayes Theater

Authors: Jim Wise (music), George Haimsohn (book and lyrics), Robin Miller (book and lyrics)

Director: Randy Skinner

First Preview: September 24

Opens: October 22

Cast: TBA

First revival of the 1968 musical pokes fun at movie musicals of the 1930s. The cast of Ruby’s first Broadway show learn that their theater is being demolished, so they decide to perform on a battleship Twitter feed: @DamesatSeaBway

Therese Raquin

TheresaRaquinNOTlogoStudio 54

Playwright: Helen Edmundson adaptation of Emile Zola Director: Evan Cabnet

First Preview: October 1

Opens: October 29

Cast: Keira Knightly, Judith Light, Gabriel Ebert, Matt Ryan

A new stage adaptation of Zola’s novel. “In this tale of love, lust, betrayal, and guilt, Thérèse (Knightley) has made peace with her loveless marriage to a weak man when her world is turned upside down by Laurent walking through the door

King Charles III

KingCharlesIIIlogoMusic Box Theater

Playwright: Mike Bartlett

Director: Rupert Goold

First Preview: October 10

Opens: November 1

Cast: Tim Pigott-Smith, Oliver Chris, Richard Goulding, Adam James,Margot Leicester, Miles Richardson, Tom Robertson, Sally Scott, Tafline Steen,Lydia Wilson

A Broadway transfer of the 2015 Olivier award for best new play imagining Prince Charles’ ascent to the throne. Twitter feed: @KingCharles3

On Your Feet

OnYourFeetlogoMarquis Theater

Authors: Gloria Estefan (music), Alexander Dinelaris (book)

Director: Jerry Mitchell

First Preview: October 5

Opens: November 5

Cast: Ana Villafañe, Josh Segarra

Singer Gloria Estefan tells the story of her and her husband Emilio Estefan Twitter feed: @OnYourFeetBway



Authors: Music and lyrics by Jay Kuo, book by Marc Acito, Kay Kuo, Lorenzo Thione

Director: Stafford Arima

First Preview: October 6

Opens: November 8

Cast: George Takei, Lea Salonga, Telly Leung, Katie Rose Clarke, Michael K. Lee, Christopheren Nomura, Greg Watanabe

A new musical based on George Takei’s family’s experiences in an American internment camp for Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Twitter feed: @AllegianceBway


Cort Theater

Author: A.R. Gurney

Director: Dan Sullivan

First Preview: September 25

Opens: October 15

Cast: Annaleigh Ashford, Julie White, Robert Sella

Annaleigh Ashford and Julie White star in this revival of A.R. Gurney’s 1995 comedy about a man who adopts a dog (Ashford) that causes a crisis in his marriage.  First preview planned for September 25.

Twitter feed: @SylviaBroadway


A View from the Bridge

AViewfromtheBridgeLyceum Theater

Playwright: Arthur Miller

Director: Ivan Van Hove

First Preview: October 21

Opens: November 12

Cast: Mark Strong, Nicola Walker, Phoebe Fox.

This will be the fifth production on Broadway of Miller’s Greek tragedy of a play set on a Brooklyn waterfront in the 1950s; the last was in 2010 starring Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber. However, it marks the Broadway debut of the much-praised Belgium avant-garde director Van Hove, who wowed New York audiences just last year with his innovative Off-Broadway productions of Scenes from a Marriage and Angels in America. His View from the Bridge is a transfer from London.

China Doll

ChinaDolllogoGerald Schoenfeld Theater

Playwright: David Mamet

Director: Pam MacKinnon

First Preview: October 21

Opens: November 19

Cast: Al Pacino, Fran Kranz

David Mamet’s new two-character play about a billionaire, Mickey Ross (Pacino), who has just bought a new airplane for his young fiancée as he prepares to go into semiretirement; on his way he suddenly gets a phone call.

Twitter feed: @ChinaDollBway

The Color Purple

ColorPurplelogoBernard Jacobs Theater

Authors: Music and lyrics by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis and Stephen Bray, book by Marsha Norman

Director: John Doyle

First Preview: November 9

Opens: December 3

Cast: Cynthia Erivo, Jennifer Hudson, Danielle Brooks

A revival of the 2005 musical based on Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about Twitter feed: @BwayColorPurple

School of Rock—The Musical

Winter Garden Theater SchoolofRocklogo

Authors: Lyrics by Glenn Slater, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and from the movie, book by Julian Fellowes

Director: Laurence Connor

First Preview: November 9

Opens: December 6

Cast: Alex Brightman, Sierra Boggess

An adaptation of the 2003 Jack Black movie about a really bad substitute teacher who enlists his fifth-grade class to form a rock group to compete in the Battle of the Bands.

Twitter feed: @SORMusical

Fiddler on the Roof

Broadway Theater FiddlerontheRooflogo

Authors: Jerry Bock (music), Sheldon Harnick (lyrics) and Joseph Stein (book)

Director: Bartlett Sher

First Preview: November 12

Opens: December 17

Cast: Danny Burstein

A revival of the hugely and justly popular 1964 musical about a Jewish milkman and his daughters in hostile 19th century Russia. Twitter feed: @FiddlerBroadway

Noises Off

Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin

American Airlines Theater

Playwright: Michael Frayn

Director: Jeremy Herrin

First Preview: December 17

Opens: January 14, 2016

Closing; TBA

Cast: Andrea Martin, Jeremy Shamos

Andrea Martin stars in the Roundabout revival of this 1983 backstage comedy with lots of door-slamming.

Our Mother’s Brief AffairOurMothersbriefaffairnotlogo

Samuel J. Friedman Theater

Playwright: Richard Greenberg

Director: Lynne Meadow

First Preview: December 28

Opens: January 20

Closing: TBA

Cast: Linda Lavin

Linda Lavin stars in yet another collaboration between Greenberg and Manhattan Theatre Club artistic director Meadow, this one about a mother who confesses a small infidelity that has big consequences.

Planned for the Fall, 2015 season without a specific opening date or theater yet.

Sylvia:  Annaleigh Ashford and Julie White star in this revival of A.R. Gurney’s 1995 comedy about a man who adopts a dog (Ashford) that causes a crisis in his marriage.  First preview planned for September 25. @SylviaBroadway

Misery: Bruce Willis makes his Broadway debut with Elizabeth Marvel in William Goldman’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel about a popular writer held hostage by an insane fan

An Act of God: Jim Parsons as the Almighty on Broadway

Basic questions such as the origin of the universe – Big Bang Theory vs. Divine Creation –  may fiercely divide the world, but on stage at Studio 54, they are a source  of jokes by Jim Parsons as the Almighty in An Act of God,  a play whose own origin is less than cosmic: It began life as a Twitter feed.

David Javerbaum, the former head writer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,  has attracted nearly two million followers since spawning @TheTweetOfGod, which begat a best-selling book, “The Last Testament: A Memoir by God,” which begat the 90-minute stage version whose greatest merit is its casting.  The playwright is upfront about the reason for choosing Parsons, the charmingly child-like star of the TV series, “The Big Bang Theory”; God, in the person of Parsons, explains:  “In the desert I appeared as a burning bush. On Broadway, I appear as Sheldon Cooper. Know thy audience. ”

For full review,  see An Act of God review on DC Theatre Scene.

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